Outside of my formal academic writing, I have a strong interest in art and aesthetic practice as tools for conceptual engagement at the limits of theoretical and historical study. My experimental projects are mostly organized by two triadic preoccupations: silence/iteration/chance and textuality/conceptuality/materiality.

Here I describe only a selection of current and recent work.

“Nick of Time” — a prepared book project. Fall 2016-present. Collaboration in progress with Tick Tock, an experimental performance group.

Take a book and write all over it—put things in the pages—fill it with fragments of your time spent reading—with a whole repertoire of modifications, make it into a new object, no longer just another copy. Now you have a “prepared book.” Like John Cage’s “prepared pianos,” prepared books are unique instruments for creative practice; not simply works of sculpture or collage, they are starting points for experiments in performance. 

“Nick of Time” begins with my work in preparing in this way a copy of Anne Carson’s Antigonick, to become the basis for a performance piece by Tick Tock. See here for a fuller project statement and photos.

Working group on experimental forms of critical and theoretical writing — founding convener. Fall 2016-present. Intermittent seminar and workshop at the Whitney Humanities Center, Yale University. (Website.)

“Architecture between Leibniz and Nietzsche: exploratory theses on hyperlinked politics.” Forthcoming. Invited contribution to special issue of Contour to be published as edited volume (Matthew Claudel and Selena Savic, eds.).