Between Mediation and Critique:
Quaker nonviolence in apartheid Cape Town, 1976–1990.
European Journal of Political Theory, vol. 19, no. 4, 2020. — An essay, based on archival research, about how white Quakers in Cape Town during apartheid struggled with the meaning of their theological-political pacifism and with the concept of violence itself.

The Utopian Shadow of Normative Reconstruction.
Constellations, vol. 25, no. 3, 2018.— An essay about how a particular way of thinking about freedom and social reproduction can help us theorize the concretely utopian dimensions of intimacy and relationality.

A Rumble in the Taupe Hum of Info-Capital:
On reduction and the neoliberal city. With Matthew Claudel. 
Journal of Design and Science, 2019. — A coauthored essay critiquing the Silicon Valley obsession with the Singularity as a symptom of the neoliberal project of “informational capitalism” in urban and digital space.

The Queerness of Distraction:
A research program for theory and theology.
Theology and Sexuality, 2014. — An essay on the implications for queer theory and theology of ways thinking about time and subjectivity that start from discontinuity rather than coherence. Selected as “Editor’s Choice” article for 2014.