Publications in peer-reviewed political theory journals

Between Mediation and Critique:
Quaker nonviolence in apartheid Cape Town, 1976–1990
European Journal of Political Theory, vol. 19, no. 4, 2020 — An article, based on archival research, about how white Quakers in apartheid-era Cape Town struggled with the meaning of their theological-political pacifism amid the systemic injustice of their society.

The Utopian Shadow of Normative Reconstruction
Constellations, vol. 25, no. 3, 2018 — An essay about methodological problems in Frankfurt School critical theory (and the work of Axel Honneth in particular), examining how a particular way of thinking about freedom and social reproduction can help us theorize the concretely utopian dimensions of intimacy and relationality.


Selected writing in interdisciplinary journals and in public-facing outlets

The Crisis of Language
Free Speech Battles series, spring 2021 — Short essay examining why debates about the politics of language, caught between competing frameworks of “speech and harm” and “discourse and power,” are today so apparently confused. Published in conjunction with a public lecture on language and violence (and technology).

Surveillance as Infrastructure
The Site Magazine, summer 2020 — Brief contribution to a larger magazine symposium on technology, the built environment, and culture amid the pandemic.

A Rumble in the Taupe Hum of Info-Capital:
On reduction and the neoliberal city (with Matthew Claudel) 
Journal of Design and Science, 2019 — A coauthored essay critiquing the Silicon Valley obsession with the Singularity as a symptom of the neoliberal project of “informational capitalism” in urban and digital space.

The Queerness of Distraction:
A research program for theory and theology
Theology and Sexuality, 2014 — An essay on the implications for queer theory and religious studies of ways of thinking about time and subjectivity that start from discontinuity rather than coherence. Selected as “Editor’s Choice” article for 2014.